Valued Added Benefits

Valued Added Benefits

As an extra benefit to firms who want to be registered with the SSAIB, we offer the following additional services:

Certificates Direct

All SSAIB firms are required to issue a Certificate of Conformity for any security or fire system that they install. All SSAIB firms have online access to issue and re-print certificates for their customers including the options of having their logo printed on one of three designs. In addition to this the online systems keeps a full database of all certificates issued.

Standards Online

Having the standard or standards available is an essential part of certification with the SSAIB, SSAIB offers in conjunction with BSI (British Standards Institute) access to range of standards which are required for SSAIB schemes. This yearly subscription service is available to all SSAIB registered firms for further information please contact the SSAIB direct.

Panel Record Books

SSAIB can supply registered firms with SSAIB branded panel record books, these are supplied in multiples of tens and can be purchased online.

Guidance Documents

SSAIB provides free of charge guidance documents for every scheme it offers, these are all available to download from the registered firms portal on the web.

Industry Bulletins

The SSAIB will always try to keep all registered firms up to date with the latest changes in the industry by issuing firms with industry specific bulletins online through its registered firm’s portal.

Discounted Training

SSAIB has teamed up with TAVCOM to provide discounted training to registered firms including bite sized online modules. For further information please visit the registered firm’s portal.