The Application Process

1. Register with the SIA

Companies must first register an interest with the SIA. This is done by visiting the SIA Website and following the ACS link. Organisations have to register in order to gain access to the Self Assessment Workbook (SAW) and Workbook Guide.

2. Complete the Self-Assessment Workbook (SAW)

The Standard route requires applicants to complete the Self-Assessment Workbook. If you chose to use SSAIB for your verification, we can guide you through completing the SAW. There is no obligation or fee required when downloading the workbook. However you do need to have access to Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. This programme can also be downloaded from the SIA website.

The SAW aims to help organisations wishing to become SIA Approved to prepare for a verification visit from an SIA Assessor.

Completing the workbook will help you to determine whether you meet the Approved Contractor Scheme Standard prior to making a formal application.

You can complete the SAW in any order over a timescale to suit yourself. However, you must complete all sections of the workbook prior to submitting it to the SIA.

3. Submitting an Application

Once you are happy that you have completed the Self-Assessment Workbook satisfactorily, submit it to SIA on-line via the SIA website. An ACS Application Form should be requested via the website and submitted, along with the relevant fees, to the SIA. You will need to specify on the Application Form which Assessing Body you propose to use, simply specify SSAIB. You can track the progress of your application on the SIA website. SSAIB will undertake a gap analysis to ensure readiness for assessment.

4. SSAIB Verification Services

Once you have submitted your Self Assessment Record and your Application Form to SIA you can apply to SSAIB for a verification visit. The purpose of the verification visit is to validate that compliance with the ACS Standard has been achieved or to agree an action plan to help you to achieve the required standard in those areas where the organisation requires further improvement.

SSAIB can undertake verification visits for companies applying and can undertake re-verification inspection visits even if your initial ACS verification inspection was with another approved Certification Body. 

To obtain an estimate for verification services, please email or contact SSAIB directly on 0191 296 3242.

The SIA application fee does not cover the cost of the verification visit. The fee for the verification visit is payable directly to the ACS assessing body, that is SSAIB. 

Once the self assessment score has been validated, a recommendation will be sent to SIA who will make the final decision.