Security Screening

Security Screening

This scheme is intended for companies who offer security screening of personnel employed in the security sector to the requirements of BS 7858.

This Code of Practice gives recommendations for the security screening of individuals who will work in an environment where the security and/or safety of people and/or property (physical and intellectual) demands such screening. Screening may be a requirement of SSAIB criteria, relevevant standards or may be in the public interest.

Organisations should use every endeavour to ensure that the integrity of the personnel it employees is established and maintained. It achieves this by having in place systematic administrative systems which guarantee that security screening is periodically reviewed 

These procedures must verify (amongst other things) :

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency
  • Character references
  • If the individual has a criminal record or convictions or pending actions
  • Bankruptcy or court judgments
  • Continuity of records - education, employment, unemployment or gaps in employment.

The code of practice gives recommendation as to the:

  • The security of data.
  • The treatment of contractors, subcontractors and ancilliary staff.
  • Requirment for individuals employed in process of security screening.
  • Record keeping.
  • The screening process itself.
  • Information of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.