Monitored Systems for Police and Fire Response

Police Response

In accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Policy, police in the UK will only offer a response to verified alarm signals from systems which have been granted a Police URN (Unique Reference Number). With this approach, the Police aim to provide an effective response to genuine intruder alarms. Monitored systems can only be installed by certificated providers and must be subject to a maintenance agreement. Excess false alarms will jeopardise Police response. For more detailed information on monitored systems click here.

SSAIB is approved by all UK Police forces, therefore certificated providers can obtain police URNs for the systems they install.

Fire Response

Fire authorities are adopting an approach modelled on the ACPO policy outlined above. To obtain a response from a monitored fire alarm system in the future, it may be necessary to have a URN issued by the fire service and this may only be available to certificated providers. URNs may also be applied to non-monitored fire alarm systems in the future. A maintenance agreement will also be required. Excess false alarms will jeopardise a fire services response.