Intruder Alarms - domestic and commercial

Electronic Security Systems Certification will demonstrate compliance with the ACPO and ACPOS policies on Police Response to Security Systems alarms. It will normally enable certificated companies to apply for Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) on behalf of their clients who want a police response to their alarms.

SSAIB certificated companies enjoy insurance approval and third party certification helps you to demonstrate your confidence and competence as a professional installer.

Details of the requirements for England, Wales and Northern Ireland can be found in Appendix S, Section III of the NPCC policy on Police Response to Security Systems alarms and the equivalent sections of ACPOS and States of Jersey policies.

Generally these requirements include some or all of the following:

  • Installation and maintenance of equipment in accordance with the relevant British, and/or European Standards and/or SSAIB Codes of Practice.
  • Access to relevant Standards.
  • Sufficient installed and/or monitored systems available for audit.
  • Provision of 24 hour service and repair cover.
  • Have suitable premises, equipment, vehicles and other relevant resources.
  • Have competent management and staff.
  • Have relevant management systems and procedures.
  • Implement Security screening of relevant personnel.
  • Maintain Relevant insurance cover.
  • Follow appropriate business practices and have adequate financial resources.
  • Follow acceptable sales techniques.

The SSAIB Security Systems Criteria includes details and guidance relating to the above.

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