Choosing a Fire Alarm System

Choosing a Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system chosen for a particular application must form part of an integrated system. The fire alarm system will not satisfy all elements of the fire protection strategy for premises, but it will contribute to it.

The type of fire protection needed will depend on the nature of the fire risk presented. SSAIB operates a modular certification scheme for providers of fire alarm and detection system.

It is designed for providers involved in: system design, installation, commissioning and handover, and maintenance of systems. SSAIB operates this scheme under licence from BAFE, in accordance with its SP 203 standard.

These activities may all be undertaken by one provider or through a number of separate specialist providers at each level. This enables certification for the whole system to be issued, based on modular certification at each level.

It is important that you choose certificated providers at each level - from system designers, through installation and commissioning to maintenance. Each provider must identify the range of activities for which they are certificated.

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