Certified Technical Security Professional (CTSP)

Certified Technical Security Professional Registration Initiative

The Certified Technical Security Professional (CTSP) register has been formed to give technically qualified security professional recognition to the individual’s competence, helping them to stand out from others. Consumers, employers and contractors can search the register to validate professionals and be confident of their competence.

Clients can be reassured that, by adding that a CCTV system must be commissioned - for example - by a CTSP-registered CCTV installed to contracts and tenders etc, that the work will be done by a professionally competent person. 

This will assist with the upskilling of the security and emergency systems industry - as well as individuals - to keep their own professional development and knowledge up-to-date.

Unlike existing approved company status - which reflects on the company as a whole - this registration is gained by an individual’s own competence, standing them out from others.

The registration process could not be simpler and takes about 20 minutes to enter your details and what qualification, training and experience you have, so make sure you have them to hand before you start. Experience needs to be recorded and the fact that you are working with an SSAIB-approved firm all helps to support your case. 

The CTSP will then contact you if they need any additional information or to talk through your application process. If you have been working within the security and emergency systems industry then you need to get recognition for your work, which will then allow you to get the clients that specify CTSP-registered professionals.

To find out more about the CTSP register and how to get yourself registered, go to https://www.ctsp.org.uk/ and start your registration today.