Access Control Systems

This scheme is appropriate for companies providing electronic installation design to permit or deny access as appropriate to people seeking entry into supervised premises. Control may be by means of cards, tokens, codes or biometrics.

The company must have appropriate expertise in the design, provision, installation and/or maintenance of access control systems.

Systems designs must be appropriate to the nature of the risk identified; compliant with relevant legislation (including Human Rights Act, Data Protection and Disability Discrimination Act requirements as appropriate) and satisfy the agreed operational requirements.

Companies wishing to apply for approval under this scheme must:

  • Install and maintain equipment in accordance with the relevant European Standard and/or SSAIB Codes of Practice.
  • Have appropriate management systems and procedures in place.
  • Have relevant personnel security screened.
  • Have appropriate insurance cover.
  • Have suitable premises, equipment and vehicles.
  • Have trained staff and implement training procedures.
  • Have sufficient systems installed and/or monitored to allow a trading history to be demonstrated.
  • Provide service and repair cover.