SSAIB Reopens Doors to COVID-19 Secure Head Office

SSAIB Reopens Doors to COVID-19 Secure Head Office

SSAIB have reopened the doors of their West Monkseaton-based head office on a progressive return to the premises – after a number of changes were implemented to ensure the building is COVID-19 secure.

Having continued to work remotely throughout lockdown - and the gradual easing of those restrictions - the leading UKAS-accredited certification body for the fire and security industries have now implemented a 50% rotation system for SSAIB headquarters. This has been achieved by splitting the office staff into two bubbles, with each alternatively working in the office one week and then remotely for a week.

Various sections of the office have been rearranged to ensure that social distancing is a lot easier to maintain, while Perspex sheets have been fitted to the tops of every workstation across the building to further enhance the protection of SSAIB staff while sat at their desks. Hand sanitiser is present throughout the building, to ensure that nothing is brought into the building from outside.

A number of legislations have also been implemented for communal areas to comply with the latest Government guidelines, which will continue to be monitored and acted upon as and when any amendments are made to them.

SSAIB chief executive Alex Carmichael commented: “I am delighted to be able to welcome the SSAIB staff back into head office. We’ve devised a strategy that both works for the organisation, to allow us to create a ‘new normal’, while ensuring the safety of our work force isn’t sacrificed.

“The way SSAIB adapted to working remotely during lockdown was excellent, but we’re now at a point where we have to try and integrate ourselves back into an office environment once again. Our new rotation system allows us to have a constant physical office presence once more, without putting our staff at risk.”

SSAIB will continue to work in this new way until such time that any further changes are deemed necessary.