SSAIB Receive Fantastic Remote Audit Feedback from Certification Firm

SSAIB Receive Fantastic Remote Audit Feedback from Certification Firm

SSAIB were thrilled to receive a very complimentary feedback letter from Camrok Electrical and Security owner Clive Kennett – after the sole-trader underwent a remote certification audit this week, due to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic.

The Essex-based intruder alarms installer applied for SSAIB certification back in February 2020, but – as a result of the COVID-19 crisis – was unable to get an initial audit completed before the Government introduced their lockdown restrictions to help stop the spread of the virus on March 23.

However, due to SSAIB introducing remote auditing and liaising with the NPCC to introduce a new temporary process that will allow new applicants to be certificated – Hornchurch sole trader Clive was still able to proceed with his audit as planned, albeit in different circumstances to those that both himself and auditor Peter Cowell are used to.

Clive - who has worked for SSAIB-registered firms before - stated: “I had a remote audit with Peter on Tuesday of this week. Documentation was asked for beforehand and we had a video call on the day.

“I was able to do everything I usually do on an audit, such as providing proof of SDPs [system design proposals], maintenance sheets and emailing my liability insurance through. Seeing Peter on the other side of the screen, was pretty much like he was there in the office (other than making him a cup of tea!)

“You can still swing round to show them what they need to see in the office or any documents via the video aspect of it, so it's just a more technically-savvy way of doing it.

“The world is going to change because of all this. Millions of virtual meetings are currently taking place every day, so I think there'll be less flying around done for meetings and people will come to rely on video conferencing a lot more in time. Therefore, it’s great to see SSAIB getting in ahead of the game by implementing this technology when it’s really needed.”

It was due to SSAIB “embracing communication technology” that Clive felt the need to get in touch, because he’d realised the effort that the leading UKAS-accredited certification body for the fire and security industries had gone to adapt and update their working practices to try to minimise the disruption that COVID-19 had on their working practices and knew he had “made the correct decision” when choosing SSAIB.

Clive continued: “When someone does a good job, I believe it's only right that they are told that - as we're quick to leave negative feedback as a society.

“Our work as installers relies on certification relies on Police response and there was an uncertainty as to where all this would leave us really.

“We don't know how long this will go on, so it's great that SSAIB have developed a system that has allowed them to continue to offer certification and carry on auditing their firms.”

While some might wonder why an unregistered firm would push on with trying to achieve third-party certification during such an unpredictable time as this, Clive was quick to reveal his gratitude for the fact he is still getting plenty of work despite the difficult circumstances that the country finds itself in.

Clive added: “I’m really really busy at the moment - despite everything going on - so I don't know if I'm the odd one or not. I'm currently on a farm in Harlow putting CCTV up on a barn, so I've gone from fitting shop alarms to spending time around quite a lot of animals.

“I'm actually very fortunate that the work is still coming in and I'm grateful that it is. You've got to make hay while the sun shines, as they say.”

SSAIB chief executive Alex Carmichael commented: “I would very much like to thank Clive, on behalf of SSAIB, for his brilliant feedback and also for taking the time to get in touch with us. It is very much appreciated by all of the SSAIB staff and myself.

“We are doing everything in our power to ensure that we keep providing a first-class third-party certification service to all our registered firms. By continuing our operations, we are primarily seeking to support our existing clients while - at the same time - providing an opportunity to gain certification, for organisations such as Camrok who are seeking certification for the first time.

“Remote auditing is allowing us to stand by our registered firms and continue to support them in their time of need. Only by working together can we get through this bad situation, so I hope to hear many more positive comments regarding our remote audits during the time in which they are needed.”