SSAIB Keen to Inform Registered Firms of Special Funds for New Apprentices

SSAIB Keen to Inform Registered Firms of Special Funds for New Apprentices

Following Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s statement yesterday, SSAIB are eager to make our registered firms aware of the fact that there are new additional incentives for taking on apprentices and trainees - as we come out of the lockdown and get back to full work.

If anyone had been thinking of taking on an apprentice this year - before putting their plans to one side after lockdown was announced - then now is the time to look to your future and act fast, before all of the places are taken up.

The new FESS apprenticeship program has been a fantastic success in meeting the skill gap in this industry and, with training providers offering places for the coming year, there is no better time to invest in your company’s future with an apprentice (or two.)

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this new program are urged to contact SSAIB training manager Trevor Jenks, who can help interested parties identify training providers who will help them open the digital accounts needed to access the funding, and provide advice on taking on an apprentice.

The additional incentives - which are for England and Northern Ireland (Scotland and Wales have different funding, but Trevor can also help put people in touch with providers in those regions) - are as below:

1. For apprentices employed Aug 2020-Jan 2021 and aged 16-24, employers will get a £2000 incentive payment. If the apprentice is 16-18, a £1000 incentive bonus is also paid.

Meanwhile, those that are aged 25 and over will generate a bonus of £1500.

2. Traineeships remain the same, ie unpaid work experience.

3. Kickstart is for 16-24s on universal credit, who are at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training.) They get paid minimum wage for 25 hours work in a 'new' job at an employer for 13 weeks, with the employers getting a £2000 incentive bonus.

Any interested parties looking for more information are invited to contact Trevor on 07889 807 047 to discuss the process of taking on an apprentice and where the providers offering the FESS apprenticeship are based.