SSAIB Firms Ensure Sustained Public Safety and Security During COVID-19 Pandemic

SSAIB Firms Ensure Sustained Public Safety and Security During COVID-19 Pandemic

SSAIB-registered fire, security and manned services firms continue to provide essential support to the fire and security industries during the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Be it as a key worker or otherwise, SSAIB-registered firms have endeavoured to carry on with a broad spectrum of services ranging from local fire and security maintenance and the provision to new systems, all the way up to vitally important national Government projects – including the creation of the new NHS Nightingale field hospitals.

Regardless of the circumstances, the essential maintenance, call-outs and installation of new systems that SSAIB firms are doing during these difficult times is all helping to safeguard environments that are vitally important - such as hospitals, care homes, schools, supermarkets, other commercial property and national infrastructure - that may otherwise be at risk, including non-occupied properties.

We can assure the general public, businesses and the wider security and fire industries that SSAIB keep reminding registered firms to observe the latest Government guidelines on working safely with respect to COVID-19, which we are sure they do, to ensure that they carry out the work required of them in a safe environment for both themselves and their customers.

SSAIB are also doing our part to keep our firms up-to-date with all of the latest COVID-19 developments as and when they arise – in addition to providing help and support for a number of issues that they could be faced with during this ongoing time of uncertainty.

The safety of the general public, our registered firms and key worker staff remains our top priority during this time, while also ensuring that firms continue to fulfil their commitments to their customers and contracts as normal.

Domestic Customers (Homeowners)

The latest Government guidelines for tradespeople – such as SSAIB firms’ engineers – accessing domestic properties can be viewed within the Social Distancing in the Workplace During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sector Guidance document. However, an overview of the main points are as follows:

Engineers are able to visit domestic properties to carry out the customer’s security or fire requirements, providing they are well, have no symptoms of COVID-19,they ensure they maintain a safe distance (of at least two metres) from any household occupants at all times and also have the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) -  in an effort to ensure Government’s guidelines are observed.

Work should not be carried out in any household that is isolating or shielding an individual, unless it is necessary to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household (such as an emergency repair or fault.) Homeowners – and those accountable for the security and/or fire safety of the household – are responsible for ensuring a safe environment for any visiting key workers or engineers, as well as for any other residents under their roof.

Should an engineers have any coronavirus symptoms, however mild, then they should isolate.

Should a householder have any questions about any maintenance needed and what it might mean for their insurance cover – due to the circumstances of the current situation, including social distancing – the householder should contact their insurer, in order for them to give guidance.

Should any homeowners – or those responsible for security and/or fire safety – be in need of security or fire protection during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we advise that they can contact SSAIB-registered firms and that they should also contact their insurer with any concerns.

Non-Domestic Properties

Work undertaken on non-domestic properties is also duty-bound by the same Government guidelines on social distancing and other precautions.

With SSAIB-registered firms adhering to the latest Government guidance, they are able to continue to carry out repairs and maintenance and provide new system installations– when site access can be granted and Government safety requirements including social distancing maintained.

There is also a suggestion that - during this time when many buildings are stood empty - this is the ideal time for maintenance visits, additions to systems or the installation of new systems, because engineers can get the job done with minimal disruption to the usual working practices of the business itself.

Engineers are able to access the necessary premises or site(s) (with permission,) conduct the work that they need to and then inform the nominated person when all of the work has been completed, before leaving the job to allow it to be checked by the customer.

Installation of new Security Systems or Provision of a Security Service

If there is a need for a new security system or service to protect individuals or property, this can take place - provided it can be conducted in compliance with Government guidelines on social distancing in the workplace.

Although these are unprecedented times that we all find ourselves in, SSAIB, our registered firms and the fire and security industries as a whole continue to work as best we can – as a matter of necessity for the ongoing safety and security of the general public, businesses and national infrastructure.