SSAIB CEO Salutes All Industry Personnel in Christmas Message to Registered Firms

SSAIB CEO Salutes All Industry Personnel in Christmas Message to Registered Firms

I am sure all of you are going to remember 2020, but not for the reasons you may have wished for beforehand.

2020 came in with the usual hope, excitement and anticipation of the challenges and new opportunities ahead that a new year brings. We had our usual calendar of industry events – such as IFSEC, the Women in Security Awards, the SECURITY TWENTY20 regional events and the Security Industry Awards etc – and we all looked forward to seeing what new and innovative technical innovations were being introduced. Unfortunately, all bar one of those events – the Birmingham SECURITY TWENTY20 event in February – fell foul to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Lots of amazing people work in the security industry, performing vital roles which keep citizens and property safe. The important work done by these people is rarely recognized and – particularly in 2020 – their efforts have gone above and beyond the call of duty. In the eyes of SSAIB, all industry personnel are key workers and – for all your hard work and dedication – we at SSAIB salute you.

2020 has been very different for SSAIB as well. The year started well but, when the coronavirus appeared and spread, we noted the impact of COVID-19 and planned accordingly.  By early March, we had put the groundwork down for changing our processes, procedures and policies to deal with the possible effects of the coronavirus.

Following on from that, we worked on preparations to enable staff to be able to work from home. When the orders from the Government came on the evening of Monday March 23 to lock down, staff moved to home working.

At the same time, we updated our auditing guidelines and carried out auditor training remotely. We also developed the processes registered firms needed to complete to enable audits to be carried out remotely.

2020 was a tough, challenging and difficult year, however, we did not close. We adapted, we amended our processes and procedures and developed new ones as necessary.

We continued to support our customers and communicated what we were doing – and how we were doing it – to scheme holders.  Our aim, throughout, was to ensure that we continued to support our registered firms – as key workers – by providing a first-class certification service in very trying circumstances.

We believe that we more than achieved our aim, ensuring our registered firms could carry on serving their clients in as normal a manner as was possible in the circumstances.

You can be assured that SSAIB will continue offer the best certification service in the industry – as we fully recognise the needs of both existing and new clients. SSAIB will also champion the needs our registered firms when we attend standards committees and sit on scheme holders’ committees – as well as talking to specifiers, customers and other relevant bodies.

The commitment of our registered firms to work to high standards is essential in demonstrating the professionalism in the industry, which they have shown in abundance throughout the last 12 months. As we – hopefully – come out the other side of this pandemic, SSAIB companies will have played their part in the security and safety of the country and you should all be very proud of that.

On behalf of the board, auditors and staff at the SSAIB, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for what we hope is a much better 2021 for us all.

Alex Carmichael
Chief Executive