SSAIB Celebrates Passing Momentous 200th BAFE Certification Mark with Kelida Solutions

SSAIB Celebrates Passing Momentous 200th BAFE Certification Mark with Kelida Solutions

SSAIB are delighted to announce that we have just passed the 200 certifications mark for our BAFE scheme registrations – after SSAIB-registered security firm Kelida Solutions Ltd gained approval for fire detection and alarms as well.

The West Yorkshire-based firm first achieved certification with SSAIB in 2012 for Intruder Alarms, Access Control and CCTV, but they took the decision to also add a fire component to their coverage with the BAFE SP 203 – Fire Detection and Alarms scheme (all modules) earlier this year.

Following a successful application process, the company have added SP 203 to their accreditation spectrum and Kelida Solutions Ltd office manager Christina Lamb was all too happy to hear that their success has helped SSAIB reach a pivotal milestone.

Christina revealed: “To be SSAIB’s 200th BAFE-registered company is brilliant. We are all so pleased to have gained this accreditation.

“We have been working to the BAFE standard for many years and we wanted to show our customers that we install to the highest industry standards and are aware of all current legislations, so getting the accreditation was the natural step for our business.

“SSAIB is a widely-recognised certification body and - throughout our five-year relationship - it has provided us with both assistance and assurance. It has also given us the confidence to grow as a business and know that we are working to the correct standards each and every time.

“In today’s environment, the safety and security of people and property is of paramount importance. To achieve this objective, you need to be certain that the systems you choose are right for your needs both now and in the future.

“This means choosing a fire and security company you can trust and having this accreditation will not only give our customers that assurance, but we hope that - by being SP 203 certified - it gives our customers confidence in our abilities as well.”

As the leading certification body for organisations providing fire detection and alarm systems – as well as security systems and manned services - SSAIB offer three schemes ran by British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE). These are the aforementioned SP 203, SP 101 – Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers and SP 205 – Fire Risk Assessment certification schemes.

SSAIB have been offering third-party certification for the BAFE schemes for over 10 years and are just the third certification body to reach the illustrious milestone of 200 registered certifications, much to the delight of chief executive Alex Carmichael.

He stated: “It’s great to hear that SSAIB have registered our 200th firm with BAFE – as we’re dedicated to ensuring high standards across this industry and our partnership with BAFE allows us to do that for the three fire schemes that we offer as well.

“With recent tragic events highlighting a real need for proper fire safety regulations, it’s encouraging to see more and more companies seeking certification to show that they know what they’re doing and they’re happy to be regulated – as it all helps to ensure that standards across the board are as high as they can be.

“Our commitment to BAFE and their schemes is of vital importance to us and we look forward to registering our 250th firm with them, our 300th and so on.”

BAFE chief executive Stephen Adams was also full of praise for the SSAIB and the partnership the two companies have maintained for over a decade – as they work together to ensure best practice from fire protection companies in the UK.

Stephen added: “BAFE and SSAIB have been working together for over 10 years and I am delighted to acknowledge that SSAIB have achieved 200 certifications of the BAFE schemes covering fire detection and alarm systems, fire extinguisher maintenance and fire risk assessment competency.

“All of our certification bodies are UKAS accredited and we are confident in the SSAIB audit processes to ensure the BAFE schemes continue to represent the highest quality standard for fire protection companies across the country.”