Coronavirus (Covid-19) and implications for your audits and certification Part 2

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all Registered Firms to continue to monitor the government advice ( on the Coronavirus pandemic and the increasing restrictions placed on business and individuals to deal with this situation and reduce the spread of this virus. In this fast-changing environment, the health and safety of our registered firms, their clients and SSAIB staff is paramount to us.

As we wish to protect all individuals involved in the auditing process, but still maintain your certification, we have been implementing our business continuity process. This will maintain a high-class service; ensure we work closely with our Registered Firms whilst doing everything possible to mitigate any risks caused by the Coronavirus.

Our contingency actions, which will come into effect on Monday 30th March, will mean that all our assessments will be carried out “virtually”, i.e. remotely. This will include:

Ø  Use of on-line technology. 

Ø  Remote audits. 

Ø  Deferred Audits (if no alternative is available).   

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all registered firms that it is still necessary that scheduled audits are completed, as planned wherever possible, to ensure businesses remain compliant and certification is maintained. Therefore, cancellation policies still remain in place albeit we will use our discretion in this respect accepting the current situation.

We are in contact with our regulators to ensure that your certification is maintained at this difficult time.  I am sure you can appreciate that the health and safety of yourself, your staff and SSAIB staff our main concern.

SSAIB operating in accordance with current government advise remains and we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as the situation changes.

Further information on matters concerning the Coronavirus may be found on our members only website under Coronavirus FAQ. 

Rest assured, we will make every effort to assist and support our registered firms during this difficult and challenging time.