SSAIB Host Historic First Meeting Between FESS and NIFSEF

SSAIB Host Historic First Meeting Between FESS and NIFSEF

SSAIB were delighted to host the first meeting between the Fire Emergency and Security Systems Employers Group (FESS) and the Northern Ireland Fire and Security Employers Federation (NIFSEF) earlier this month – as it allowed an opportunity for an exchange of information between both groups.

SSAIB training manager Trevor Jenks revealed that the pioneering meeting – which took place on Monday February 10 at SSAIB’s headquarters in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear – was “essential” to breaking down the current geographical barriers of the UK’s security apprenticeship market.

Trevor stated: “The SSAIB is thrilled to have facilitated this opportunity for both the representative groups to meet - for the first time - to discuss the work they are doing in developing apprenticeships and a competency-based engineer standard within their region of the UK.

“It is essential that this work results in a single common competency-based engineer Standard within the UK, despite regional differences in the funding and local qualification structures - allowing recognised engineers to work anywhere within the UK.”

FESS vice-chairman Kevin Faulkner was also full of positives following the initial meeting between the two groups, as he added: “It was very useful talking to Ian from NIFSEF and good to hear that there is a lot of common interests shared in raising the standards of competency within the fire and security systems sector.

“I look forward to having further meetings to help create a skills strategy for the UK within our sector.”

Meanwhile, Ian Fiddis, the NIFSEF chairman, was delighted to see that some “common ground” had been found regarding the “mutual recognition of apprentices in the UK” and revealed that he hopes that this meeting is the first of many further discussions in future.

Ian said: “While the apprentice programmes in the four nations are all very different, it was good to be able to meet and discuss the areas of common ground - in order to establish the mutual recognition of apprentices throughout the UK.  It was also good to meet both Kevin and Richard and I will look forward to further meetings in the future.”

All parties agreed that the meeting had been constructive - due to building closer connections and understanding between both groups and the work they are developing – and plans are already in place for another meeting at SSAIB headquarters in the near future.

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SSAIB Successfully Rebrand Twitter Account to @SSAIB

SSAIB Successfully Rebrand Twitter Account to @SSAIB

SSAIB have moved to secure a brand new Twitter handle – after finally persuading Twitter to release @SSAIB from a dormant account.

The industry-leading UKAS-accredited certification body for Security Systems, Fire Safety and Guarding had been using the handle @theSSAIB on the popular social network, but have now made the switch over to the new handle – in an effort to clear up any confusion for those trying to interact with SSAIB on the platform.

PR and communications executive Glen Maxwell noticed that the @SSAIB account had not been updated for nearly a decade and he revealed his elation when Twitter granted the leading certification body for the fire and security industries their request to migrate their old account across.

Glen commented: “We’re delighted to have finally been able to claim the @SSAIB handle for ourselves and are grateful for the help that Twitter gave us in facilitating this change.

“We took the decision to move across to the new handle because we had a number of instances where we’d notice that people had thought they had mentioned us in their tweets, but had incorrectly used the @SSAIB handle. Although we managed to keep a handle on when this was happening, it did make us wonder about if any slipped through without us realising.

“When we looked at that account, it was clear – due to having no photos, header or tweets since June 2010 – that it was a dormant account, so we asked the question to Twitter and they agreed to release the handle and transfer our account across to it.

“Despite the new handle, we’re not expecting our social media output to suffer in any way. Therefore, our followers can still expect all of the latest SSAIB news, industry updates and everything else they come to expect from us straight to their news feeds.”

For anyone not already following SSAIB on Twitter, the new @SSAIB profile can be found at

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SSAIB Asked to Pass on NPCC URN Price Increase Information to Registered Firms

SSAIB Asked to Pass on NPCC URN Price Increase Information to Registered Firms

SSAIB have received a request from the National Police Chief Council (NPCC) to pass on the following message to all of our registered firms.

The National Police Chief Council Security Systems Working Group have made a decision to increase the cost of the administration fee each Force charges to issue unique reference numbers for remote signalling systems requiring a Police response. The charges - which have remained static for seven years - will be increased by 5% with effect from April 1, 2020 and are as follows: 

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SSAIB and Tavcom Training Partner to Maintain High Standards Throughout UK Security Industry

SSAIB and Tavcom Training Partner to Maintain High Standards Throughout UK Security Industry
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