Surveillance Camera Commissioner Publishes SSAIB-Supported Buyer’s Toolkit

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Publishes SSAIB-Supported Buyer’s Toolkit

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has now published an eagerly awaited SSAIB-supported Buyer’s Toolkit - as part of his National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales.

The Toolkit provides guidance for the non-expert who is thinking about buying a surveillance camera system and has a target audience that includes small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-businesses.  However, it is also hoped that the Toolkit will enable security industry suppliers to demonstrate to their customers that they understand and follow good practice and legal obligations.

SSAIB helped in the development of the Buyers Toolkit with input by our chief executive Alex Carmichael and Manned Services lead assessor Stephen Grieve.

Stephen commented: “It has been particularly satisfying to contribute to the development of the Buyers Toolkit - as I believe it will provide much-needed guidance and practical advice to those businesses who, until now, felt that the earlier Passport to Compliance did not take account of their needs.”

The Buyer’s Toolkit can be accessed here.

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Registered Firms Can Experience VIP Treatment in SSAIB's Ice Bar at IFSEC

Registered Firms Can Experience VIP Treatment in SSAIB's Ice Bar at IFSEC

SSAIB firms have been invited to chill out as VIP guests on the exclusive SSAIB Ice Bar at this year’s IFSEC International event.

Registered firms have been sent an email detailing exactly how to register as one of SSAIB’s VIPs for this year’s IFSEC event – taking place at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London, between June 19-21, 2018.

As part of the VIP package, guests will have exclusive access to the VIP Lounge and they’ll also receive a pass to skip the queues into IFSEC – as that will give them access through the special VIP entrance.

In addition, charging stations will be made available to VIPs that wish to stay in touch with their contacts while at IFSEC, while a host of other exclusive benefits are set to be announced in the run up to this year’s prestigious event.

IFSEC will give those in attendance the opportunity keep up-to-date on industry trends and technology advances, as well as network with old and new suppliers. That’s not all – as there is also Speakers’ Corner and Show Me How presentations – which are very close to the SSAIB Ice Bar - enabling attendees the chance to see how the latest technology works.

While at IFSEC, registered firms can also visit the SSAIB team at the SSAIB Ice Bar, have a drink and take the weight off their feet. Of course, SSAIB representatives will be on hand to speak to any interested parties who are looking to gain third-party certification, share industry updates and best practice guidance and answer any other questions visitors to the stand might have regarding the SSAIB and the role it occupies in the security industry.

Sales and Marketing manager Andrew Brown struggled to hide his delight with the new Ice Bar and is looking forward to seeing as many SSAIB-registered firms as possible making use of it.

Andrew revealed: “A lot of planning has gone into this year’s SSAIB Ice Bar, so I’d likely to invite all of our firms down to attend what we hope will be another successful IFSEC event for us. It’s always great to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones that have never been to our events or regional meetings before, so be sure to drop in if you’re thinking of attending the Excel and have a chat with the SSAIB team.

“Our staff will also be able to discuss the benefits of third-party certification and the application process for the wealth of schemes we offer to anyone looking to go down the route of achieving SSAIB certification, which is a mark of excellence that shows you’re working to professional industry standards.”

SSAIB are also pledging their continued support to the Engineers of Tomorrow competition, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 – as training manager Trevor Jenks, technical manager David Roscoe and auditor Nick Grewcock will be part of the judging panel for the national apprentice installers competition.

This year’s EOT will also include a fire safety skills test incorporated into it as well, with the winning entrants able to claim a top cash prize of £1000. The top prizes for both fire and security will be awarded at the prestigious Security and Fire Excellence Awards, with places available for both the successful apprentices and their employers.

Even if guests have already registered for IFSEC, they can still upgrade for an SSAIB VIP pass by clicking the link within the email and registering again.

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Defence Systems Ltd Become First Parking Enforcement Firm to Achieve Surveillance Camera Certification

Defence Systems Ltd Become First Parking Enforcement Firm to Achieve Surveillance Camera Certification

SSAIB are pleased to confirm that Defence Systems Ltd have become the first parking enforcement firm in the UK to achieve certification against the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, in respect of their use of CCTV Enforcement Cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Body Worn Video.

This achievement for Defence Systems Ltd – who trade as Park Watch - is even more significant, as they are the first organisation in the UK to have their use of ANPR subject to assessment under the code of practice.

SSAIB’s lead assessor Stephen Grieve conducted the assessment and he commented: “While the use of ANPR is more widely known to be operated by the Police, the technology is also used by a number of other organisations - in order to monitor and manage vehicle movements.  It is the one area of surveillance camera systems which - until now - had not been subject to any assessments under the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

“Therefore, we are pleased to have been able to confirm to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner that, in the case of Park Watch, their use of the technology fully met the requirements of his code.”

Park Watch’s HR director Geraldine Whelan and operations director Adrian Powell added: “The company’s decision to proceed for accreditation - through the SSAIB - for the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s certificate of compliance was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business.

Accreditation will enhance the company’s reputation - among its already prestigious customer portfolio - and assist Park Watch in the acquisition of further new business. Throughout the structured audit, with the professional guidance of SSAIB auditor Stephen Grieve, the process was a great success and we would highly recommend this accreditation.”

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