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SSAIB Scheme Manager Walks in on Puppies Being Born During Inspection

SSAIB inspectors usually take the lead during annual audits of our registered firms, but Jim Suttie was literally forced into it recently – after he turned up at an inspection just after a litter of puppies had been born.

Prior to the arrival of our scheme manager for CCTV and access control systems, Billy Bingham of SSAIB-registered firm Signature Security Solutions had spent the previous night and morning helping Minnie give birth to eight young pups.

The two-year-old’s octuplets comprised of five boys and three girls and were born at the home of the East Lothian-based sole trader. In fact, Billy had just finished aiding his cockerpoo – a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle - when Jim arrived to conduct his inspection for intruder alarms systems.

“They were born during the night before and in the morning of the inspection, so I was literally just finishing when Jim turned up at 8:30-9am,” Billy explains. “It was quite an experience and I think it was an experience for Jim as well, because the house was upside down when Jim came through the door.

“It was fine really. I just had to explain to Jim what had happened.

“The worst thing was the lack of sleep, but four cups of coffee were all I needed and I was sorted. It wasn’t a problem.”

A night spent delivering puppies might have been far from ideal ahead of an important SSAIB inspection, but Billy was delighted with how well it went and had nothing but praise for Jim during – and after – his visit to the Scottish firm.

Billy said: “It was a really good inspection and Jim was really helpful as well. In fact, Jim was excellent and he has been after it as well.

“He’s sent me a nice couple of emails since then, asking if everything is still ok and stuff like that.”

SSAIB scheme manager Jim added: “Obviously, the poor guy was tired after being up half the night sorting out all of his new doggies. Billy’s a nice lad though and he did really well to go straight from that into an inspection, so hats off to him for that.”

Despite the upheaval, it turned out to be a successful inspection for Signature Security Solutions – as they are now an intruder alarms systems (ACPOS) accredited firm with SSAIB.

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